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Video Testimonial Katie B

“Before I started seeing Dr. Konrad I was attempting to train for my first half marathon despite terrible knee pain, at it’s worst I was unable to even run for 1 mile. As I started treatment, my pain quickly subsided and I found that on top of my injuries I was also suffering from hormonal and emotional imbalances. Through Dr. Konrad’s treatments within 8 weeks I went from running 1 mile to 10, and in 12 weeks  successfully completed my first half marathon! I have never felt better physically or emotionally. Thank you Dr. Konrad I am a patient for life!” –Abby K.

Dr. Madison has seen me and all three of my children and we have benefited greatly from care. For our eldest, we are finally experiencing answers and relief (it is incredible to see the changes in her so far!), For our middle daughter she is no longer toppling over every few steps, and for our baby boy: two nights after his adjustment he started sleeping 8-10 hour chunks regularly. You have blessed our family so much!” –Afton, age 28

I was suffering from extreme stomach pains; they were so bad that I had trouble concentrating at work and often turned down social activities due to the pain. I spent several thousand dollars on medical bills, only to be told I was perfectly healthy. Dr. Madison helped me discover that I had a couple major food allergies that were throwing my whole body out of whack. We worked on changing my diet and she did what she does in the office and now I get to do whatever I want to without any limitations.” -Jon, age 35

“Dear Dr. Konrad, I wanted to follow up and thank you for the adjustment last Monday!  I didn’t even realize that my shoulder was out of place, it was painful but I didn’t understand why, now I know!  I really appreciated you taking the time to scan my body and make the appropriate adjustments.  I am walking more freely and my shoulder girdle can move with ease, free of pain!  Thank you so much for your diligence and your professionalism. I hope not to see you too soon, no offense. :)  But I will see you again in the future. Thank you again for making me feel whole.” -Rebecca D.

“Dr. Madison is wonderful! She helped me realize that even after seven brain surgeries, severe balance problems, and horrible depression that my life could get better! My partner and I are forever grateful.” -Mary, age 63

I am an active 55 year old who recently began experiencing back problems for the first time in my life. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was hesitant and somewhat skeptical. My experience has exceeded my expectations. Dr. Konrad is friendly and knowledgeable, and he has taken the time to answer my many questions. He effectively diagnosed the areas of my body needing adjustments, resulting in reduced pain and greater range of motion. I also highly recommend his exercise class which I credit with strengthening my back and related muscles. The class is a great way to learn basic, low-impact exercises which are effective and emphasize proper movement and alignment. After several of these classes and my second chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Konrad, I was able to play competitive tennis again with confidence and without worrying about experiencing shooting pain in my back. Due to his knowledge of movement and emphasis on education I have learned to utilize my core muscles and to recognize and modify the bad habits relating to improper movements that led to my back problems. Thank you Dr. Konrad!” -Cindy K.

“Dr. Madison took care of me throughout my entire pregnancy and adjusted my baby boy when he was born. If you are even just THINKING about getting pregnant, go see her right now!!! She can help make your pregnancy so so much easier! Much love to you Doc!” -Annie, age 28

“Dr. Konrad is awesome! I have had the pleasure of having him work on me and use his taping method for my injured arm/shoulder. It certainly sped up the healing process tenfold. I would highly recommend Dr. Konrad.” -Maggie D.

Effective, professional, compassionate treatment. I especially appreciate Dr. Madison’s holistic approach. With attention to all aspects of my well-being, I have made amazing improvements. My pain has decreased dramatically, I am moving with more agility, and my posture is better than ever. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their health.” –Sheryl W.

“Dr. Madison has helped relieved all of my lower back pain– which allows me to do my job more effectively. She has also helped me identify other internal ‘problem areas’ and given me the guidance on how to manage them. I really enjoy our appointments!” –Heidi

“Being a lady chiropractor, Dr. Madison understands feminine problems. I came to see her about four months ago, having had intense pain (about 8 to 9 on a 10 point scale) for about one and a half weeks out of every month due to my menstrual cycle. Now, after a couple treatments, I only have low intensity pain for a couple days. As we’ve already seen a great improvement, I know I can look forward to getting even better. I highly recommend this wonderful lady chiropractor!” -Michelle

KT versus Rock Tape (Mary)“Hi Dr. Konrad ~ Just thought you might like to know the results of Rock tape vs KT. Wouldn’t you know that Rock beats …. in this case, KT! Both tapes were good for the intended purpose until about halfway through the race. At that time, I felt the usual irritation in my right knee (KT tape). Not as bad as normal, but still noticeable. Thank you for being at the Rock n Roll expo in Chicago. Left knee ROCKS!! (using Rock Tape of course!)” – Mary H