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Meet Colleen Smith!

Colleen has been part of the medical community since 2006. She worked as a pharmacy tech before sustaining an injury to her neck which paralyzed her. Overnight she went from being a medical practitioner to a medical patient.

Chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, emotional work, and acupuncture treatments allowed movement and strength to return to her limbs. She felt much better with these  treatments and was able to cease using prescription pills.  Without using prescription medication, Colleen has learned how to use essential oils to ease her nerve pain, balance her blood pressure, and calm her anxiety.

The chiropractic work and oils have been the most powerful and effective treatments of Colleen’s healing journey. She continues to search for new knowledge and loves to learn and help others discover what she has found. This led her to become a dōTERRA wellness advocate. Colleen sells dōTERRA oils and teaches classes so others can learn how to use oils to benefit their conditions. Please contact Colleen directly at  to learn more how dōTERRA oils can benefit you.

Colleen wants to continue sharing all that she has learned to help others along their own healing journey. Working at Full of Life Holistics allows her to continue learning while also helping people. She is grateful to be working at Full of Life Holistics!